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SAHM Pub Glassware

SAHM Pub Glassware

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Our high quality SAHM pub glassware is beautiful and crystal clear. They're also etched on their internal bottom surfaces with our logo, providing nucleation points that help to produce a steady stream of bubbles, increased head retention and enhanced aromas of the beer. We are offering 3 styles, each of which is recommended for particular beer styles but all of which can be used for any beer.

Sinus: 0.5 liter (16.9 oz), recommended for Pilsners.
Pub: 0.5 liter (16.9 oz), recommended for IPAs, Stouts and Porters.
Tulip: 0.3 liter (10.1 oz), recommended for beers with higher alcohol content or robust flavor profiles. 

Available for pickup at the Taproom (262 2nd Street, Oakland), during business hours. Free local delivery is also available Thu-Sun (noon - 5PM) to Oakland, San Leandro, Berkeley, Emeryville and Piedmont zip codes. CA Shipping available for this product. Any questions or to order via phone or email, call 510-251-8898 or email orders@oaklandunitedbeerworks.com.